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    In Week 1, we set the stage for student learning in the era of COVID-19 with support from NCTM’s Back to School Guides. Moving Forward, developed in partnership with NCSM Leadership in Mathematics Education, presents considerations, questions, and potential solution processes to educators and school leaders to address the challenges induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. What follows are NCTM’s Back to School Resources that provide guidance to teachers, school leaders, and families as we return to school and work together to educate our students. Webinars then take a more personal look at what math learning might look like this year, supporting mental health of teachers and students, and creating structures and policies to meet the needs of each and every teacher and student of mathematics.

    Week 1 Resources

    Back to School Guides

    How are various stakeholders considered in your back to school plan?
    Share your thoughts about one of the grab and go resources below using the hashtag #NCTMBacktoSchool.

    "We know teachers are having to orient themselves to new environments and circumstances. As we embark on an unprecedented time in education, the Task Force seeks to provide educators with resources and guidance for this next chapter, and whether it is distance, hybrid or in-person, the approach will have to be supported and informed to best engage all students.”  

    -Nevels Nevels, Task Force member and Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator, Hazelwood School District, Missouri

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