Interactive Institute Session Details

  • Session Details

    Following each morning's general sessions, attendees will meet for breakout sessions.

    Elementary Breakout Sessions (1.5 hours each) include:

    • Early numeracy
    • Additive structures (addition and subtraction) and algebraic thinking (equal sign)
    • Place value (whole numbers to decimals)
    • Measurement and Geometry

    Secondary Breakout Sessions (1.5 hours each) include:

    • Ratios and proportions (proportional thinking)
      • Link to fraction computations (multiplication and division)
      • Comparison of ratios to fractions
      • Developing proportional reasoning
    • Functions
      • Rate of change (linked to ratios and proportions)
      • Linear and non-linear multiple representations
      • Concepts of transformations on Cartesian coordinate grid
    • Expressions and Equations (Linear – Polynomial)
      • Learning progression
      • Structures for solving
      • Links to functions
    • Geometry
      • Transformations of two-dimensional shapes