School In-Service Training Grants (6-8)

  • Deadline: May 01, 2020

    School In-Service Training Grants (6-8)

    Supported by the Clarence Olander Fund and NCTM 


    Grades: 6-8

    Information on this and all of NCTM's Mathematics Education Trust grants, scholarships, and awards can be found on our Grants page.



    Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School Building Teacher Capacity to Support Mathematical Reasoning and Language Acquisition in English Learning Students In the face of rapidly increasing population of English learning (EL) students enrolled at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, we plan to meet the need


    Mill Valley Middle School Visualizing Mathematics Through Desmos Technology Research tells us that in order for our math brain to grow, we (teachers and students) need to make visual connections to math.   Yet, most of our department learned our math and got our teaching credentials years ago, when the on


    Plaza Middle School Building Urban Independence, Leadership, and Desire for (BUILD) Success BUILD Success is a unique program that addresses the whole student. Students will grow academically, culturally, and emotionally by participating in a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics)


    Sunland Elementary School Arizona State University-led Professional Development Our 6th-8th grade mathematics teachers have consistently performed above the district average, but we would like to see a stronger performance from our students in those grades when compared to the state, particularly in the


    Lake Nona STEM Consortium: Improving Mathematics Instruction Through Lesson Study   A collaborative learning team of elementary, middle, and high school teachers will use lesson study to practice and analyze mathematics differentiated small group instructional strategies. The team will evaluate s


    Neelsville Middle School Growth Mindset: Learning by Doing With the emphasis on the Standards for Mathematical Practices, our students are destined to become problem-solvers. To this end, our goal is to provide our teachers professional development opportunities which will equip them with the knowledge