NCTM Has Partnered with ASSISTments to Solve “Figure This!” Problems

  • January 18, 2022

    NCTM Has Partnered with ASSISTments to Solve “Figure This!” Problems

    NCTM is excited to announce that we have partnered with ASSISTments to offer you NCTM's “Figure This!” problems in the ASSISTments platform.

    What is ASSISTments?

    ASSISTments is a math practice and assessment system that empowers teachers to target class instruction, monitor learning and intervene quickly to keep students on track. When teachers assign digitally through Google Classroom or Canvas, ASSISTments enhances math content with actionable data for teachers and immediate feedback for students.

    At NCTM, we understand that as the field of mathematics advances so must we. Utilizing ASSISTments technology, we are able to extend beyond the classroom and into the homes of our students while still providing the structure and scaffolding necessary for student success. 

    What is Figure This!

    Figure This! problem sets were originally designed to help families enjoy mathematics outside of school. These problems emphasize the importance of high-quality math education for all students and can be used in whatever way makes sense to you - Use them to drive your math club, supplement your daily curricula aligned work, and assign at home for students to complete with their families.

    New to ASSISTments? 

    Go to to create your verified teacher account. Then make sure to watch our Getting Started Tutorials (Google Classroom/Canvas) to learn how to implement the Four Steps of ASSISTments. 

    Not sure where to start? 

    Choose how you'd like to Find and Assign your NCTM problems.

    • You can simply navigate to the NCTM content folder and choose the problems you'd like to assign. 


    Assistments Screenshot 1


    • Find NCTM problems by standards alignment - In the search box, type in a common core standard/code or a keyword. Filter your results by NCTM and select the NCTM problems you'd like to assign. 

    Assistments Screenshot 2

    To access teacher and family resources, printable versions of problem sets, see problem level hints, and learn how you can use Figure This! problems in your classroom, visit the 'FIgure This!' website here

    Click here to start assigning to your students.