Adding Math, Subtracting Tension: A Guide to Raising Children Who Can Do Math, Prekindergarten-Grade 2 (Download)

  • Adding Math, Subtracting Tension: A Guide to Raising Children Who Can Do Math, Prekindergarten-Grade 2 (Download)

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    By Frances Lynn Stern

    How can I help my child learn math without the anxiety that so often accompanies this subject? Parents of all backgrounds— those whose knowledge of math is small and those who use it daily in their work—share this concern. What if I never liked math or didn’t do well in it myself? This new book from NCTM is intended to help parents develop a positive relationship with their children by offering useful approaches learning math and including activities that make math a source of fun.

    Many family pastimes can include math in a natural way while they build a child’s foundation in math. By starting in a child’s infancy with topics parents know well, and becoming comfortable with including math in daily conversations, parents can develop a bond with their child that will allow them to continue to explore mathematical ideas and support their child’s learning throughout the grade-school years.

          What parents and teachers will learn from this book:

    • Activities to help children learn to count
    • How to teach children the difference from knowing numbers and their meaning
    • Recognizing the pattern of numbers and counting past twenty
    • How to determine what a child knows and doesn’t know
    • Teaching children estimation, average, measurement, number sense, geometry, place value, and addition and subtraction, plus many more mathematical concepts.

    Also included is access to More4U —videos and additional material that demonstrate key concepts from the book can be found on this section of the NCTM website.


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