Prospective Teacher NCTM Annual Conference Attendance Award

  • Deadline: Nov 01, 2019

    Prospective Teacher NCTM Annual Conference Attendance Award

    Supported by the Julius H. Hlavaty Fund and NCTM 


    Grades: Prospective Teachers

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    Jennifer N. Jones Making Sense of Mathematics In my experiences, I have found that many students fail to see mathematics as a sensible subject. I am sure that every math teacher in the nation has been asked questions similar to “When will we ever use this?” A goal of mine as an aspiring educator is to ai

    Niyah N. Henson Motivating and Building Confidence in Learning Mathematics Mathematics is a subject that normally generates fear in most students, my goal in attending this conference is to gain insight and methodologies from seasoned professionals on how to apply tested strategies that gains the students

    Maria T. Becht What's In A Name? Using Contextual Based Story Problems in Mathematics Instruction; The Name Game? Contextual based story problems are recommended as means to help students understand the mathematics content that we teach. But what are contextual based story problems? This presentation wil


    Claire Y. Nastari Equity in Mathematics I am applying for the 2017 NCTM Prospective Teacher Annual Conference Attendance Award because of my passion for teaching mathematics. I hope to make long lasting connections with educators and researchers in addition to furthering my knowledge of mathematical stra

    Lindsey Ann States Implementation of Technology in Secondary Classrooms The implementation of technology is a major trend pushing across the nation. As schools struggle to keep up with this new trend, teachers are being asked to use new technologies purchased by school districts in their everyday classro


    Abigail Rose Gentry Importance of Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Secondary Classrooms Educators are often unprepared to answer questions regarding the importance of learning certain material in their classroom.  Students deserve to engage in meaningful, relevant activities in the classroom.  Leading stud

    Amanda Marie Dean Practical Innovations in Mathematics Education Mathematics education is constantly evolving as more and more individuals develop innovative approaches to reach students. However, these ideas only become truly revolutionary when shared with others, transforming the entire math education c

    Anna Feil Searching for New Ways to Support All Learners of Mathematics I am applying for the 2016 NCTM Annual Conference Attendance Award because of a close connection between my interest in equity-oriented approaches to teaching mathematics and the theme of this year's conference: Building a Bridge to S


    Brenna Rose Wragge Engaging Students Through Differentiation in Mathematics attending University of Nebraska-Omaha The ways of teaching math are radically changing even from five or ten years ago. As a future mathematics educator, I want to stay up-to-date on the latest strategies. Through this proposal

    Nicole A. Yoder Research and Education attending Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Virginia I believe that research is vital for the growth of the teaching profession, but I have limited experience with the research community. The NCTM Research Conference would provide many exciting opportuni

    Hayley Mikelle Anderson Teaching and Learning Meaningful Mathematics attending University of Nebraska-Lincoln What does it mean for mathematics to be meaningful? What is a teacher's role in making mathematics meaningful? These are two questions I have been asking and conducting action research on this y


    Camilla L. Cortney Supporting Mathematical Development for ELL Students      Being committed to reach all students, I have recently found that one of my greatest challenges is accommodating English Language Learners in the classroom. I am currently placed in a low-income middle school where I see t

    Whitney L. Saucier Dream Come True      As I am preparing for my first year of teaching, attending the annual NCTM conference would be very beneficial and rewarding for me. I would be given the opportunity to learn so many new ideas and strategies to incorporate into my classroom. The learning oppo

    Potak Douglas Lee Helping the Next Generation One Step at a Time      I am interested in assisting students in becoming more involved, engaged and interested in mathematics through learning practical pedagogical techniques for my future classroom. It would be my goal as a future teacher to te

    Katlyn Van Reenen North Carolina Prospective Teacher NCTM Conference      Going to the NCTM Conference will give me the opportunity to learn about and apply different strategies to engage my future students. Attending sessions with presenters from various professional and geographic backgroun


    Joseph D. Boecker Curricular Ideas for the New Teacher The transition from the world of scientific research into the teaching of secondary mathematics brings along my constant desire to grow professionally through discourse with experienced colleagues. My interests lie primarily in considering the whole

    Madison Shepard Seeking Prospective Teacher NCTM Conference Attendance Award My proposal best describes my desire to be the best mathematics teacher I can be through seeking answers for the best way to adjust to the new Common Core State Standards and teaching conceptual knowledge. I hope to develop my s


    William K. Jones Math! Huh, What Is It Good For?...Absolutely EVERYTHING! (In the voice of Edwin Star, words and emphasis added) Making the theorems, postulates, ideas, and concepts of mathematics tangible to the average student can sometimes be the hardest fight a teacher must face. Changing what


    Meredith McKay Gore Rotations, and Reflections, and Translations! Oh, my!  I have a strong desire to learn innovative ways for teaching mathematics so I can facilitate and promote meaningful, active, student-centered learning. I am interested in learning about available products, how to acquire them, and


    Christina A. Fonstad Increasing the Mathematical Knowledge of an Emerging Leader As an emerging leader in mathematics education, my goal is to increase my mathematical knowledge to better serve the students and teachers I work with as well as become a better teacher myself. I have worked on this goal by