• Vol. 47, No. 5, November 2016

    Cynthia W. Langrall

    In her final editorial as field editor of JRME, Cynthia W. Langrall presents a slightly modified version of the talk that she gave at the opening session of the NCTM Research Conference in San Francisco on April 11, 2016, focusing on JRME’s past and future and what JRME means to the mathematics education research community.

    Megan Westwood Taylor Sonoma State University

    When it comes to improving student achievement in mathematics, a core belief is that curriculum materials are of the utmost importance. However, the link between a curriculum program and student learning is affected by the ways in which teachers use resources to design learning experiences. In the first half of this commentary, the author raises questions about the emphasis in research on finding the most effective curriculum programs. In the second half of this commentary, she suggests how researchers can build on existing work to define, describe, and support teachers in learning more effective practices for using curriculum.

    Eric “Rico” Gutstein University of Illinois at Chicago


    This article provides an example of, and lessons from, teaching and learning critical mathematics in a Chicago public neighborhood high school with a social justice focus. He addresses possibilities and challenges of curriculum development and teaching, examines student learning, and poses questions and directions for further research and practice.

    Sarah Kate Selling University of Utah


    To learn mathematical practices, students need opportunities to engage in them. But simply providing such opportunities may not be sufficient to support all students. Simultaneously, explicitly teaching mathematical practices could be problematic if instruction becomes prescriptive. This study investigates how teachers might make mathematical practices explicit in classroom discourse.

    Reviewed by Bharath Sriraman, University of Montana
    A book review of the Handbook of International Research in Mathematics Education, 3rd edition, edited by Lyn D. English and David Kirshner.
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    A listing of articles, departments, and book reviews that appeared in 2016 across volume 47.

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