MTE Podcasts

  • The Mathematics Teacher Educator Podcast accompanies the Mathematics Teacher Educator Journal and is co-sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Below is a list of recently-released podcasts. New podcasts are also available on the podcast home page at

  • Episode 8: Engaging Teachers in the Powerful Combination of Mathematical Modeling and Social Justice: The Flint Water Task

    Episode 7: Noticing and Wondering: A Language Structure to Support Mentoring Conversations

    Episode 6: The Decision-Making Protocol for Mathematics Coaching

    Episode 5: The Student Discourse Observation Tool: Supporting Teachers in Noticing Justifying and Generalizing

    Episode 4: Preservice Teachers’ Mathematical Visual Implementation for Emergent Bilinguals

    Episode 3: Assessing Prospective Teachers’ Analysis of Teaching: How Well Can They Link Teaching and Learning?

    Episode 2: Using Narrative Writing to Learn What Beginning Teachers Notice

    Episode 1: Encouraging Teachers to Make Use of Multiplicative Structure