• Vol. 112, No. 5, March 2019


    Elaine M. Purvinis and Joshua B. Fagan

    A historical view of the mathematical and acoustical properties of parabolas offers a lesson and lab to examine multirepresentational views of quadratics, requiring students to use their knowledge of algebra, teamwork, logical reasoning, and technology to model and verify their data.

    Thérèse Cozzo and Joseph Cozzo
    This lesson provides an opportunity for students to use mathematical modeling and explore right-triangle trigonometry in the context of protecting battleships.
    Karine S. Ptak
    To maximize classroom time spent on practice and concept attainment, a teaching team discarded traditional warm-up activities and homework assignments.
    Rick Stuart and Matt Chedister
    While filling three-dimensional letters, students analyzed the relationship between the height of water level and elapsed time.
    Arnulfo Pérez, Bailey Braaten, and Robert MacConnell
    A hands-on, project-based modeling unit illustrates how real-world inquiry deepens student engagement with function concepts.
    Christof Weber
    Describe taking a logarithm as repeated division to allow students to build on what they know about division, instead of relying solely on the exponential definition.


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