Monthly Featured Resource

  • March 2021

    Each month, NCTM provides its members with one highlighted classroom resource per grade band. These resources are updated during the first week of every month.

    Elementary (K-5)

    For each grade level, Kindergarten through 5th grade, you will find resources focused on the major work of each grade level.

    Hopping Backward to Solve Problems (Pre K-2)    
    Students use number lines to help them visualize mathematics and ask questions about the relationships between numbers. 

    Describing Designs (3-5)    
    Students use 3-inch squares to create quilt pieces. By designing plane figures inside the squares, they will practice fractional vocabulary as they verbally describe their square to their partner so they can recreate it.

    Middle School (6-8)

    For each grade level, 6th through 8th grade, you will find resources focused on the major work of each grade level. 

    Pan Balance - Expressions 
    Do you have middle level students who struggle with abstract concepts such as balancing equations? If you answered yes, the pan balanced interactive scale is a great tool to help students in a virtual environment practice algebraic expressions, equations and equality. 

    High School (9-12)

    The high school library is divided into content areas: Algebra and Functions, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, and Number and Operations. 

    Proof Without Words: Completing the Square
    What does it mean to complete the square? Using this Illuminations Interactive, students will be able to complete a proof for completing the square accompanied by a tool for visual representation!

    As you explore MyNCTM, be sure to check out the Elementary, Middle, and High School resource libraries. There you will find some of NCTM's best resources, organized by grade level and by key concept within each grade level. You'll find resources from Illuminations, journal articles that blend research with classroom activities and lessons, Problems of the Week, and more! 

    Check out the #NCTMresources hashtag on Twitter to follow along as we share and discuss these and other NCTM classroom resources.

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