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  • November 2019

    Theme: Goals, Tasks, and Representations (Best of Issue)

    Each month, NCTM provides its members with one highlighted classroom resource per grade band. These resources are updated during the first week of every month.

    Elementary (K-5)

    For each grade level, Kindergarten through 5th grade, you will find resources focused on the major work of each grade level.

    Access Resource Pre K-2
    Delve into multiple representations of the number 6 in this hands-on lesson. Students take the lead in creating, describing, and comaring their "creations of 6" with others

    Access Resource 3-5
    Discover the effects of halving a distance. Begin with students establishing a goal of deep understanding the concept of one half.

    Middle School (6-8)

    For each grade level, 6th through 8th grade, you will find resources focused on the major work of each grade level.

    Access Resource Middle School
    During this lesson, students will explore the handshake problem, a classic problem in mathematics that asks, "How many handshakes occur when n people shake hands with each other?" Groups work to determine how many handshakes take place among the nine Supreme Court justices, and then generalize to the number of handshakes in any size group. Students explore the problem using a verbal description, a table, a graph, a picture, and an algebraic formula.

    High School (9-12)

    The high school library is divided into content areas: Algebra and Functions, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, and Number and Operations.

    Access Resource High School
    Light it Up is an Illumination that will guide students through an exploration of rational functions. The goal, or learning target, of this task is that students will be able to use rational functions to model problem situations, and will be able to state descriptive elements of rational functions based on the problem situations.

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