Author Guidelines for Submission to Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12

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    Authors must submit manuscripts online at

    Submit Manuscripts

    In preparing your manuscript, ensure that your materials have not been published elsewhere and are not under consideration for publication by other journals, including other NCTM-affiliated group publications.

    Feature manuscript length vary, see specifics on our Write for MTLT page. Note that all figures, tables, references and supplemental files are included when calculating the total word count of each submission. Include only a reasonable number of tables and figures essential to understanding. Follow guidelines for the particular department when submitting manuscripts for consideration for departments. Check with the respective department editor or the journal editor if you have questions.

    You will be asked to sign a copyright release to NCTM during the submission process.

    You are responsible for obtaining permissions for all student work and/or copyrighted material that you use in your manuscript. Photographers and artists will be asked to sign a release before publication. Parental permission must be obtained if a student’s face is clearly recognizable in a photograph. All forms are available at (top- right corner under the “Instructions & Forms” menu).


    Author(s) names may appear only in an Author Cover Letter. Take special care that no author identification appears in the manuscript. Do not reference your own work or your school in a way that compromises the blind review process. Use pseudonyms for students’ or colleagues’ names and blind project or grant information, acknowledgments, and conference presentations appearing in a manuscript. Links to personal or institutional websites should also be blinded. All blinded references can be reinserted later should your work be accepted for publication.

    General Style Considerations

    • Use the APA Style, 7th ed. for complete style guidelines
    • Double-space throughout, including quoted matter, lists, tables, notes, references, and bibliographies.
    • Indicate a new paragraph by indenting rather than leaving a blank line.
    • Eliminate any footnotes by integrating the information into the body of the text; MTLT does not use footnotes.
    • Use extended dialogue and direct quotes sparingly, incorporating the key ideas of conversations into the text wherever possible.
    • Eliminate any special formatting, such as adding color to fonts, using fill colors in tables, or inserting graphic elements.


    Provide accurate and complete reference information. All references cited in the manuscript must be listed at the end of the manuscript. Exact quotes require page numbers.

    Tables and Figures

    • Figures and tables should be embedded in the manuscript near their mention in the text, for ease of viewing and checking by the referees. Each figure and each table must be referenced in the text.
    • Should your manuscript be accepted for publication, images must be sent separately, with the final accepted manuscript.
    • Include only figures and tables that augment the text; photographs of students working at their desks or the whiteboard often add very little to the text.
    • Figures must be accompanied by a full-sentence caption.


    • All variables should be set in italics.
    • Numbers, parentheses, and mathematical operators should not be set in italics.
    • Points, as in “segment AB,” should be italicized, and labels in geometric figures must also be italicized.
    • Do not use MS Word Equation Editor for mathematical expressions.
    • Most of the mathematics in MTLT can be keyed using Word’s capability for subscripts and superscripts. Simple fractions can be entered as a/b, for example using a solidus ( ⁄ ), or inline fraction bar, unless part of a larger expression that requires MathType.
    • Use MathType sparingly for expressions and equations that cannot be typed using the keyboard, such as Math Operation height= since most expressions set in MathType will require their own line in the journal, that should be a guiding principle for authors; if the expression is not important enough to be broken out on its own line, then do not use MathType.

    Before you Submit

    Please proofread and spell check your manuscript before submission. Review it for grammar, completeness, mathematical correctness, and accuracy of references. Be sure to spell out all proper names, and fully identify all organizations and groups that are mentioned by initials or acronyms.