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    Register at the online review and submission system by selecting the link "New Users: Please register here." Contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the submission and review system. 

    Submitting a Review in the Online System 

    After logging into the system, click on a manuscript link preceded by a red arrow. You will then be presented with a "Manuscript" screen. At the bottom of this screen under "Manuscript Tasks," a "Review Manuscript" link will be displayed. Clicking on this link will display the "Review Manuscript" screen. This screen is broken into 3 parts as follows:

    1. Review Criteria - Comments to be sent to the Author and seen by the Editor
    Please consider the criteria listed below in evaluating the appropriateness of the manuscript for publication.

    The manuscript should

    • provide a rationale for the problem of practice that is addressed in the manuscript; 
    • be conceptually or theoretically grounded, with primary phenomena clearly defined; 
    • be connected to the existing knowledge base (literature) in mathematics teacher education;

    If the manuscript describes methods/interventions/tools, it should

    • describe the interventions or tools that were used to address the shared problem of practice for mathematics teacher educators;
    • explain the context and methods used to collect and analyze data;
    • provide evidence to support claims about the effectiveness of the interventions or tools;
    • make explicit the specific new contribution to the existing knowledge base;
    • report all claims with sufficient warrants that recommendations for policy and practice can be constructed and justified; and
    • provide sufficient detail to allow for verification, replication in other contexts, or modification by other mathematics teacher educators.

    If the manuscript is theoretical or philosophical in nature, it should

    • explain the impact of the issue of practice in mathematics teacher education.
    • describe the background of the problem/issue and/or describes the policy context that is relevant.
    • go beyond simply describing the issue to illuminating the trade-offs that would result from alternative solutions to the issue.
    • make explicit the specific new contribution to the knowledge base. Findings should be reported with enough warrants so that recommendations for policy and practice can be constructed or justified.  

    Be as specific as possible in identifying both strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript relative to the criteria above, and provide concrete examples to support your judgments. In addition, please comment on any elements of the manuscript that could be enhanced by the online format.

    2.    Confidential Remarks to the Editor that will not be shared with the Author 
    Use this space to enter any comments that you do not wish the author to see. For instance, you might tell the editor that you are unfamiliar with the methods that were used to analyze the data and therefore did not review that aspect of the manuscript. 

    3.    Recommendation 
    Based on your evaluation of the manuscript, recommend one of the following actions: accept, accept with revision, revise and resubmit, or reject. Note that your recommendation should align with the narrative you have written for the author above. See the Rating Criteria for more information on rating the manuscript. 

    Updated June 11, 2019