Review Instructions for Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12

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    Thank you for joining NCTM on this journey into exciting new territory. As we develop Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT) you will begin to notice that submissions under consideration for publication may look different than manuscripts you reviewed for TCM, MTMS or MT.

    As word spreads to authors about what the MTLT Editorial Board seeks to publish, you will increasingly find manuscripts that are digitally enhanced with components such as a video clips, audio files, Livescribe™ files, SMART Board™ files, or other forms of multimedia. Evaluation of all digital components should be addressed in your review. Manuscripts without digital enhancements are still welcome. In fact, your feedback to the author may include ideas for adding digital resources to expand the reader experience.

    What Does the MTLT Board Expect from Reviewers?

    The MTLT Editorial Board would like you to make a recommendation on the viability of the submission as a potential journal article.

    You will be asked to include a detailed rationale for your recommendation, providing specific examples that may be sent to the author to support your recommendation to accept, reject, or revise (ask author for revisions). It is helpful for the reviewer to delineate the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.

    Address the areas in the manuscript that need to be improved. You may consider as many of the following as appropriate in writing your justification.

    • The ideas are well organized and clearly communicated, and the manuscript is easy to read.
    • The writing is high quality.
    • The manuscript promotes a culture of equity in the teaching or learning of mathematics.
    • The ideas/activities are not widely known or practiced; they contribute to the professional and/or mathematical knowledge of teachers.
    • The mathematics content is significant and accurate, and addresses topics central to the mathematics curriculum in the United States.
    • Major claims are documented.
    • The ideas support the mathematical development of students.
    • The manuscript shows evidence of the influence of classroom practice and/or presents concrete suggestions for classroom practice.

    What Is the Manuscript Referee Process?

    • When a manuscript is submitted, we search for reviewers with matching areas of interest and expertise. You and two other subject-matter experts will receive an e-mail invitation to review the submission.
    • If you accept the invitation, you will receive a second e-mail that gives you access to the manuscript, as well as the electronic evaluation form. You have 21 days to complete the review.
    • During the review process, you will recommend that the MTLT Editorial Board either accept the manuscript for publication, reject the submission, or ask the author to revise the submission.
    • If the author is asked to revise the manuscript, the Editorial Board may ask you to review the revised manuscript and assess whether the author made the necessary changes for publication.