• Vol. 23, No. 5, March 2018


    Alison E. Leonard and Nicole A. Bannister

    Students slide into reflections, rotations, and translations and take giant leaps forward in their geometric understanding

    Dorothy Y. White, Carlos Nicolas Gomez, Fred Rushing, Nicholas Hussain, Kristina Patel, and Jason Pratt

    A professional learning community, or PLC, identifies students’ mathematical strengths and shows how the PLC uses the information to support students as mathematical thinkers and doers.

    Kate Raymond, Melissa Gunter, and Kansas Conrady

    The strategy of question generating can be used to develop communication and metacognitive skills in students, thus leading to more meaningful discourse.


    Solve it
    Annie Perkins and Christy Pettis
    Solve it
    Annie Perkins and Pamela J. Wells
    Cartoon Corner
    Joanne Caniglia, Michelle Meadows, Hoyun Cho, David B. Spangler, and Katie A. Hendrickson
    Palette of Problems
    Stephan Pelikan, Anna F. DeJarnette, and Stephen Phelps
    Quick Reads
    Lynn Liao Hodge and Michael Lawson
    Mathematical Explorations
    Ellen Robinson, Xiaowen Cui, Nama Namakshi, Hiroko K. Warshauer, Sonalee Bhattacharyya, and Christina Koehne
    Window on Resources
    Math for Real
    Hyunyi Jung and Ji-Yeong I
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