For the Media

  • As the public voice of mathematics education, NCTM is a primary resource for the news media and for inquiries from education stakeholders. The information below reflects NCTM’s authority and leadership as the first organization to develop educational content standards and related publications, professional development, and materials to support teachers and inform policymakers.

    NCTM at a Glance
    An overview of NCTM's resources, professional development opportunities, grants, and legislative leadership.

    Mission and Goals
    NCTM's mission and strategic priorities.

    Position Statements
    NCTM positions on math education issues and suggested courses of action.

    NCTM Board of Directors
    Information about current Board members and a list of past officers and directors.

    President's Messages
    NCTM president's views on issues in math education.

    Principles to Actions
    Specific teaching practices and principles that are essential for a high-quality mathematics education for all students.

    Principles and Standards
    Recommendations about what students should learn, what classroom practice should be like, and what guidelines can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of mathematics programs.

    Curriculum Focal Points
    A grade-by-grade identification of the most important mathematics topics for pre-K through grade 8 that comprise related ideas, concepts, skills, and procedures that form the foundation for understanding and using mathematics and lasting learning.

    Focus in High School Mathematics
    Conceptual framework to guide the development of the 9–12 mathematics curriculum and instruction.

    Media Contact: Dave Barnes