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  • Seattle Washington Regional Conference Speaker Information

    Speaker Portal

    Use your NCTM login to access the Speaker Ready Room portal to accept or decline the invitation to speak, add your speaker bio, and view your presentation day/time/room or view reviewer feedback. Handouts will be available for one month following the conference.  Use the forgot password button if you do not remember your password. 

    Speaker Ready Room

    Download the Speaker Ready Room Acceptance Instructions to assist you in accepting or declining the invitation to speak.


    Lead Speaker Registration  

    Lead Speaker Registration

    Use the Forgot Password link to obtain your password or contact NCTM Customer Care at (800) 235-7566, Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or by email at  [email protected] for assistance.

    Co-Speaker Registration  

    Co-Speaker Registration

    Lead speakers are the point of contact for the NCTM 2024 Regional Conference, it is the responsibility of the lead speaker to convey updates to their co-speakers throughout the planning process.

    As a co-speaker you must register (New link to come) for the 2024 Regional Conference, starting to receive your login information and be recognized as a speaker in the session. If you have questions about your session or the conference, please reach out to [email protected] 

    Audio/Visual & Internet 

    Your presentation has been scheduled based on your initial audio/visual request when you submitted your proposal. 

    All rooms will be set standard with an LCD projector, screen, computer audio, and microphone. Only document cameras requested during the proposal submission process will be provided by NCTM on site. If a laptop is required, you must bring your own.

    All presenters should remember to bring their HDMI adapters to connect to an LCD projector during their presentation. HDMI adapters will NOT be available onsite. 

    Internet will be provided in meeting rooms at the Seattle Convention Center. 

    Cancellations & Updates 

    Prior to the conference, if you cancel your presentation, notify NCTM as soon as possible so a substitute may be found. Do not send a replacement.

    Cancellations must be received in writing by emailing [email protected] 

    To update the lead speaker or cospeaker’s contact information or professional affiliation email your changes to [email protected] . This step must be completed for each conference to which a proposal was submitted. 

    IMPORTANT: To update your NCTM membership information, please contact [email protected] or call NCTM Customer Service at 1-800-235-7566.

    Capacity Charts

    Meeting Room Capacity Charts

    All presentation rooms will be pre-set for each day’s presentations. Do not move furniture or tape/hang items on the walls. All presentations are attended on a first come, first seated basis. View examples of Session, Burst, and Workshop room sets.

    • Bursts (30 minutes) focus on a specific topic or idea. Rooms are set with round tables. Hands-on activities at the tables are not expected for this presentation format.
    • Sessions (60 minutes) represent a common format where the speaker relates his or her ideas to an audience. Rooms are set either theater style or classroom style and vary in size.
    • Workshops (75 minutes) have rooms set with round tables for hands-on work. 

    Seattle Regional Conference & Exposition PowerPoint Slide Template

    Adding Closed Captions / Subtitles to your Presentation

    NCTM is committed to making its conferences as accessible as possible, so that everyone can participate fully. To help accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in our community, we ask speakers to incorporate closed captioning/subtitles into their live presentations.

    Copyrighted Materials and Recordings 

    NCTM policy prohibits the use of copyrighted materials in your presentation unless the holder of the copyright has granted prior permission. This also applies to music that is played during the presentation.

    Written permission to tape or record programs must be obtained directly from the speaker involved at least thirty days before the NCTM Regional Conference & Exposition. The request must contain a statement indicating the intended use of such a recording or videotape. The person making the request should also inform the NCTM Headquarters Office in writing at least two weeks prior to the NCTM Regional Conference & Exposition.

    Hotel & Travel  

    Speakers are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

    Meeting Facilities

    Seattle Convention Center
    705 Pike Street, Seattle, WA  98101

    NCTM Logo 

    Due to trademark restrictions, use of the NCTM logo is restricted to those who receive prior written permission from NCTM Headquarters. Specific guidelines must be met for permission of use to be granted. Upon written request, art related to the conference may be sent to speakers to include in their presentation.

    On-Site Procedures

    Arrive at least 15 minutes before your presentation starts where you will be greeted by a Program Committee member and receive Speaker Ribbons for you and your co-speakers. 


    • Do not stand on furniture or allow attendees to stand on furniture. 
    • Do not move furniture or tape/hang items on the walls.
    • Do not change the room setup.
    • Do not begin before the published start time. After your presentation, leave quickly to allow the next presenter time to prepare.
    • It is inappropriate to promote, advertise, or sell commercial materials during your presentation.
    • Volunteers will help clear out attendees from the previous presentation, monitor incoming traffic, and count attendance.


    Workshop Reimbursement Form 

    Only Workshop lead speakers qualify for reimbursement of materials and handouts. Only the lead speaker listed for the presentation can request a reimbursement up to a maximum of $2.00 per participant, up to the capacity of the room.

    The reimbursement form must be submitted, with original receipts, within 30 days of the conference.

    Please note that the following items do not qualify for reimbursement: USB drives, posters, shipping or baggage costs from the conference, books, giveaway items, door prizes, tips, and promotional items.

    Student Participation  

    If a presentation needs student participation to be effective, the lead speaker must make his/her own arrangements for the student's appearance.

    Please note:

    • Students who wish to attend other presentations and enter the Exhibit Hall must be registered for the conference and be at least 16 years old.
    • Each student must have written permission slips signed by his/her school and a parent/guardian.
    • Permission slips must be submitted to NCTM, at least 30 days prior to the conference.