Program of Mathematics Study & Active Professionalism Grants

  • Deadline: May 01, 2020

    Program of Mathematics Study & Active Professionalism Grants

    Supported by the Lola J. May - Shirley M. Frye Fund
    Grades: PreK-5, 6-8

    Information on this and all of NCTM's Mathematics Education Trust grants, scholarships, and awards can be found on our Grants page.



    Shayna Kalnitsky Exponential Growth, Compounding Interest and Infinite Rate of Return: Impactful Math Intervention and Coaching in a small rural Vermont Elementary School How many times would you have to fold a piece of paper, whose thickness is but a mere .001cm, in half in order to reach the moon?  Most

    Carrie DeNote Equity and Empowerment in Elementary Mathematics The objective of this grant is to obtain an advanced degree in mathematics education in order to better serve students, teachers and community members.  The coursework will provide the latest research and best practices in mathematics educatio


    Johanna Leslie Wilbur Helping Math Make Sense for Every Student As a child, I never had a math teacher who encouraged me to ask “why” things worked the way they did.  I only fell in love with mathematics through my training as an educator and my ensuing work with children, when I began to understand math


    Beth W. Brady Transforming Elementary Mathematics Teaching My proposal is to become better equipped to be an instrumental part in transforming elementary mathematics teaching in my district by leading professional development. I have a very good understanding of the math that I teach, but I want to streng


    Kristin Peters Deepening Mathematics Understanding for Elementary Teachers With the support of an NCTM Grant for Mathematics Study I plan to complete courses in the Deepening Mathematics Understanding for Teachers program at Portland State University.  Upon completion I will demonstrate having met the sta


    Helen M. Spruill Using Language Development to Support Mathematical Understanding As we strive to achieve the goals of the current standards and mathematical practices, there is an increasing expectation that students are able to fluently speak the "language of mathematics" in order to explain their reas


    Sarah L. Sirois Play and Language Acquisition: Fundamental to the Development  of Mathematical Thinking in Children In today's technologically focused society, it is important not to dismiss the value of play in child development. It is often said that play is the work of children. This notion is especia


    Erika E. Beagle Getting to the Core of Meaningful Mathematics Instruction The proposal, Getting to Core of Meaningful Mathematics Instruction, seeks to improve math proficiency and understanding across Pre-K-6 grade levels and student demographics, through advance Mathematics Study and Active Professional


    Jenifer Gail Martin Improving Mathematics Education through Professional and Educated Leadership  The objective of this grant is to achieve an advanced degree and become a professional development facilitator for teaching mathematics grades K-8. The coursework will provide research on student learning, w

    Rebecca Chynsky Enhancing Mathematics Learning and Understanding through Problem Solving As an elementary school teacher, I believe fostering strong math skills in students builds confidence and helps position them for success in school and as lifelong learners. I returned to graduate study in Mathematics


    Robin Lynn Kinman Deepening Conceptual Understanding: A Win-Win for My Community & Me Previously, I accepted not understanding upper-grade math, relying on formulas and algorithms I didn't fully understand because it wasn't part of my official curriculum. Now I see how my superficial understanding is