Affiliate Book Commission

  • Affiliate Book Commission Program

    NCTM Affiliates have the opportunity to make NCTM resources available to their own members at their own events.

    The Affiliate Book Commission (ABC) program provides desk copies of leading NCTM publication titles to Partner Affiliates and allows them to promote the titles at their conferences.

    Attendees order through our store at a discount, and the Affiliate receives a commission on those sales.

    • Affiliates may request a sample set of popular NCTM publications.
    • The sample set of books is the Affiliate’s to keep and use at future events—your own library of display copies.
    • New publications (not previously sent) may be requested as available to expand the sample set. Please include the name and address of the officer who will be receiving the sample books.
    • At least four weeks prior to any event, the Affiliate may contact NCTM and request digital marketing fliers, which will have a code for attendees to use to receive a discount of 20% and free shipping.
      This code will be active for one-week post-event, limited to two total active weeks.
      After the code expires, NCTM will send a commission check to the Affiliate treasurer on file for 10% of eligible book purchases.
      Please be sure the treasurer's information is up-to-date.

      Affiliates may also purchase titles to have on hand for direct sales with an Affiliate Purchase Discount of 30% and free shipping.

    A minimum order of $200 is required for this offer, and items are not returnable. Please contact [email protected] to inquire about the ABC program or to request sample books and/or marketing fliers.

    For events outside the contiguous United States, the code will provide a discount of 30 percent but shipping will not be free.

    A minimum of $200 of qualifying purchases must be made to receive a commission check. 3 Non-book products do not qualify for any discount but will receive free shipping.