Affiliate Book Commission

  • The NCTM Affiliate Book Commission (ABC) program allows Affiliates to provide access to NCTM publications at an event or meeting at a discount for attendees, and the Affiliates will receive commission on sales. Under the NCTM Affiliate Book Commission program:

    • Affiliates will receive a sample set of popular NCTM publications.
    • The sample set of books is yours to keep and use at future events, as well—no need to return them!
    • New publications will be sent in the future to expand the sample set.
    • Affiliates need to let NCTM know which officer will be receiving the sample books.
    • Four to six weeks prior to any event, your designated officer should contact NCTM and request marketing fliers, which will have a code your attendees can use to receive a discount of 20 percent and free shipping. This code will be active for one week post-event.
    • After the code expires, NCTM will send a sales report and a commission check of 10 percent to the Affiliate.*
    • Affiliates will still be able to purchase titles to have on hand for direct sales at a 30 percent discount. These books will not be returnable.

    *The commission must be $20 or more to receive a commission check.

    Please contact to let us know who in your Affiliate should receive the sample books.