Eric Milou

  • Eric Milou

    Eric Milou

    Candidate for Director – At-Large


    Professor of Mathematics, Rowan University, New Jersey


    Ed.D. (Mathematics Education), Temple University; M.A. (Mathematics), West Chester University; B.A. (Mathematics), Franklin & Marshall College.

    Professional Memberships 

    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM), Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), TODOS.

    Leadership Experiences in Mathematics Education

    Program co-chair TODOS (2020); Founding Executive Director (2016-Present), New Jersey Association of Supervisors and Leaders (NJAMSL); Member: NCTM Conference Program Development Advisory Group (2012-2015), NCSM regional director, Eastern 2 Region (2012-2014); Chairperson, AMTE Membership Committee (2012); Chairperson and Member: NCTM Professional Development Services Committee (2007-2010); Chairperson: NCTM Annual Meeting Program, Atlanta (2007); AMTNJ President (2005-2006).


    Co-author, Invigorating High School Mathematics (Heinemann, 2021); Co-author, Catalyzing Change in the Middle School (2020); Co-author, The Status Quo Is Unacceptable. (2020). Co-author, Daily Routines To Jump-Start Math Class, High School (2018).


    Joseph Barnes Award for Outstanding Service (Rowan University, 2015); Max Sobel Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award (AMTNJ, 2009)


    I believe that NCTM is the premier mathematics education organization. However, to maintain this role, NCTM must continue to evolve. First, NCTM must use its resources in more innovative ways, such as providing intensive sustained professional development via electronic means and designing innovative electronic resources such as a video library of digital lessons.  With the growth of online communities, NCTM must leverage their expertise to design and develop strategic collaborative opportunities that capitalize on such and at the same time bring a new generation of millennials to NCTM.  It is also time for NCTM to lead an update of mathematics standards.  No organization has led on this front since the Common Core was published over 10 years ago.  Let’s face it, mathematics (especially high school) is mired in an out-of-date curriculum that not only fails to stimulate but also increasingly exacerbates inequity by closing off options and failing to prepare the vast majority of students for the realities of citizenship and work.  Bold leadership is needed to move the mathematics curriculum forward and NCTM is truly the only organization that has the vision to do so.  Moreover, if I am elected to the Board of NCTM, I will continue to speak passionately and tirelessly about policy issues impacting mathematics education, listen intently to others to seek their insights on significant issues, and promote equity and excellence for all. I am honored to be a candidate for the Board of Directors of NCTM.