President, Board, and Committees

  • Our Leaders

    NCTM is governed by a  Board of Directors comprised of 14 elected volunteer members; the executive director is an ex officio member of the Board.  The President serves a 4-year term on the Board, two years as president.  Other Board members are elected to 3-year terms in an annual election open to all NCTM members.

    NCTM Standing Committee members are appointed by NCTM’s president and usually serve for three years. Also appointed by the NCTM president to represent the Council’s interests, NCTM  Joint Committees are cooperative efforts with other associations. NCTM  Representatives are appointed by the president to serve as individual liaisons to external groups.

    NCTM  Task Forces are formed by the Board of Directors to address a specific issue and are dissolved once they have completed their work. NCTM Corresponding Societies are a means to maintain ties with professional associations of mathematics education in other countries.