• NCTM Headquarters Office
    1906 Association Drive
    Reston, VA 20191-1502
    Phone: (800) 235-7566  |  (703) 620-9840
    Fax: (703) 476-2970

    Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET

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    Ken Krehbiel  
    Executive Director

    David Shayka
    Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

    David Barnes
    Associate Executive Director for Research, Learning, and Development

    Department Contacts

    Business Services

    Nihad Ziad
    Executive Staff Assistant

    Conference Services

    Delilah Peyton
    Director of Conference Services 

    Kaitlin Klein
    Conference Manager

    Caryn Pepper
    Program Manager

    Kathe Richardson
    Meeting Planner

    Executive Office

    Denise Mann
    Executive Office Manager

    Finance & Accounting

    Jody Wolfe  
    Director of Finance

    Corlessia Jordan
    Accounting Specialist—Inventory

    Heidi Morgan
    Accounting Specialist

    Wilma Owens
    Accounts Payable Specialist

    Elizabeth Schweikart
    Payroll Administrator

    Human Resources

    Kiki Dove
    Human Resources Manager

    Aimee Sheehan
    Human Resources Coordinator

    Information Technology and Administrative Services

    Richard Aldridge
    Director of Information Technology and Administrative Services

    Troy Whitbread
    Web Development Manager

    Zachary Clark
    Network Administrator

    Anissa Moreno
    Administrative Office Assistant 


    Eileen Murphy
    Director of Membership

    Mary Ferris
    Affiliate Relations Manager

    Meredith Clement
    Documentation and Training Specialist / Data Analysis & Reporting

    Nicole Hall
    Digital and Marketing Communications Coordinator

    Jimmy Mckenzie
    Web manager


    Eleanore Tapscott
    Director of Publications

    Scott Rodgerson
    Art Director

    Elizabeth Skipper
    Journal Editor

    Pamela Tilson
    Senior Copy Editor

    Maryanne Bannon
    Copy/Production Editor

    Larry Shea
    Copy/Production Editor

    Luanne Flom
    Copy Editor

    Glenn Fink
    Production and Design Specialist

    Rebecca Totten
    Production and Design Specialist

    Christine Noddin
    Publications Coordinator

    Mary Donovan
    Publications Assistant

    Research, Learning, and Development

    Chonda Long
    Director of Professional Development

    Kristin Keith
    Professional Development Manager

    Ana Graef-Jones
    Professional Development Assistant