Committees and Appointees

  • Do you or your colleagues have interests or skills in conferences, publications, research, or one of the many other areas in which NCTM has active committees? Each year, dozens of members join NCTM committees to help advance the Council's mission—and the work could not be done without these volunteers.

    Committees play important roles in NCTM, including organizing conference programs, researching instructional issues, approving publications to be sold through NCTM's catalog, overseeing NCTM's annual elections, and regularly advising and making recommendations to the Board of Directors on a wide range of issues and topics.

    Committee membership reflects NCTM's geographic, cultural, and professional diversity. Terms begin May 1 and typically run for three years. Committees usually meet (with expenses paid for travel and substitute teachers) once or twice each year, at the NCTM Headquarters Office in Reston, Va., and at other locations around the country. Members keep in touch between meetings by phone, fax, and e-mail. Although serving on a committee can involve a lot of hard work, the experience can be valuable not only for the committee member but also for the member's school and community.

    NCTM committees cover a wide range of issues and need candidates with relevant expertise and interest. To see if your expertise or interests match the needs of NCTM committees, please review the committees below and apply to serve on an NCTM Committee.

    Standing Committees

    NCTM Committee members are appointed by NCTM's president and usually serve for three years.

    Apply to serve on an NCTM Committee

    Classroom Resources Committee (CRC)    

    Content and Learning Advisory Committee (CLAC)

    Mathematics Education Trust Board of Trustees (MET)

    Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee (MARC)

    Nominations & Elections Committee (NEC) 

    Research Committee (RC) 

    Editorial Panels

    The editors-in-chief of NCTM journals are approved by the Board of Directors. Editorial boards comprising associate editors are established to ensure accountability for adhering to stated publication goals of the journal.

    Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12 (MTLT)

    Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME)

    Mathematics Teacher Educator Editorial Panel (MTE) 

    Joint Committees

    NCTM Joint Committees are cooperative efforts with other associations. The President appoints a number of members to represent the Council's interest to these committees.

    NCTM/ASA Joint Committee on K-12 Education on Statistics and Probability

    NCTM/SIAM/COMAP Joint Committee on Modeling Across the Curriculum

    Task Forces

    NCTM task forces are appointed by the Board of Directors and charged with addressing a specific issue and developing recommendations that are presented to the Board for its consideration in a final report.  The content of the report and recommendations are advisory. Task force reports are internal reports to the Board and are not the official positions of the Council.

    Advocacy Task Force Report 

    Previous Task Force Reports


    NCTM Representatives are appointed by the President to serve as liaisons to external groups.