Laura Vizdos Tomas

  • Laura Tomas

    Laura Vizdos Tomas

    Candidate for Director – Elementary School


    Mathematics and Science Coach/Math Resource Teacher, Belvedere Elementary, Florida (2020-Present)   


    M.A. (Mathematics Education), University of Florida; B.A. (Elementary Education and Specific Learning Disabilities), Flagler College (Florida)


    Elementary Mathematics and Science Coach, Math/STEM Resource Teacher, Choice Coordinator (2012-Present); Elementary Teacher (1999-2012); Middle ESE Teacher, Learning Strategist (1992-1999), Florida

    Professional Memberships 

    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM), Palm Beach County Council of Teachers of Mathematics (PBCCTM)

    Leadership Experiences in Mathematics Education

    Certification Chair (2021-Present), Co-Chair of the Math Coaching Credential Committee (2022-Present), and Member (2012-Present), FCTM; Community Relations Chair (2017-Present), NCTM/FCTM Representative (2022-Present), and Member (2012-Present), PBCCTM; Presenter at Palm Beach, FCTM, and NCTM Conferences on various topics (2014-2019); Co-Founder of Learning Through Math website and podcast (2020-Present), Webinar Panelist on Coaching for Impact (2016 and 2017)


    Various articles in the PBCCTM Math-a-Gram


    PBCCTM Elementary Math Teacher of the Year (2018), FCTM Don Bernard Enhancement Grant Recipient (2013), Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy (2012), Teacher of the Week, Palm Beach Post (1994)


    I believe NCTM should improve access to high-quality teaching by hosting book clubs. Great literature to draw from exists in the field, but if educators aren’t reading it, discussing it with others, and implementing what they learned, our students will never benefit. Book clubs could be facilitated virtually on an online platform.

    One major challenge that NCTM faces is bringing educators together to work collectively to better mathematics teaching and learning.  According to the NCTM Statement of Beliefs, we need to encourage every educator to keep learning.  NCTM can address this challenge by offering a “volunteer hotline” to its members.  This “volunteer hotline” could be anything from calling with a “Math Emergency” to regularly providing content and pedagogy support to educators.   

    I have facilitated Parent & Family Math Nights, Parent Book Clubs, and Teacher Book Clubs.  I co-host a podcast about mathematics learning. I am currently on the FCTM and PBCCTM Board of Directors. I served on the Flagler College Alumni Association Board of Directors from 2002-2010. I have also served as the Flagler College Gold Coast Alumni Chapter President from its inception in 2001 until 2013. 

    I have been dedicated at my school to work alongside teachers to deeply explore the definition of fluency.  As a result, I offered to facilitate a Book Club, and sixteen teachers responded yes!  I listen to educators.  This work definitely provides me with insights important to being an effective NCTM Board Member.