Nora G. Ramirez, Candidate for President-Elect

  • Nora Ramirez

    Nora G. Ramirez

    Candidate for President-Elect

    Position: Mathematics education consultant (1985–).

    Education: B.A. (mathematics), Texas Woman’s University; M.S. (curriculum and instruction), Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi.

    Previous Experience: Director of professional development, Center for Research in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology, Arizona State University (2003–10); mathematics specialist, Office of Public Schools, Maricopa (Arizona) Community Colleges (1991–2003); mathematics teacher (middle school and high school), New Hampshire and Texas (1968–90).

    Memberships: NCTM, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, TODOS: Mathematics for ALL (TODOS), Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics (AATM), Benjamin Banneker Association, Women in Mathematics, Arizona Mathematic Leaders, Arizona STEM Collaborative.

    Activities in NCTM: Member: Program Committee, Annual Meeting (Philadelphia) (2010–12), Linking Research and Practice Conference Planning Committee (2009–10), Board of Directors (2005–08); chair, Professional Development Services Committee (2001–02 and member, 2000–03); presenter at multiple annual and regional meetings (2002–).

    Other Activities: TODOS: executive secretary (2015–), president (2006–08), board member (2003–11); AATM: president (2014–16).

    Publications: Coeditor, Beyond Good Teaching: Advancing Mathematics Education for ELLs (NCTM, 2012); author, Math for Parents Mini-Course: Thinking in Patterns (University of Arizona, 2007); coauthor: “Supporting ELLs in a Discourse Community” in Access and Equity: Promoting High-Quality Mathematics in K–Grade 2 (NCTM, forthcoming), Linking Research and Practice: The NCTM Research Agenda Conference Report (NCTM, 2010), Math Awareness Workshops for Parents: K–4 Workshops (University of Arizona, 2003); contributor,Cases for Teacher Educators: Facilitating Conversations about Inequities in Mathematics Classrooms (Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, forthcoming).

    Honors: Iris M. Carl Leadership and Equity Award (TODOS, 2014); Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics Leadership Award (AATM, 1999).

    Statement: As the public voice of mathematics education, NCTM has the opportunity and responsibility to take action in promoting access to and equity in mathematics education. As president, I would continue to focus on infusing a culture of equity in all aspects of NCTM. I recognize that changing a culture is not a simple task, but I commit to taking action and examining the effects of these actions on the culture of NCTM, on teachers, and on students who have historically been marginalized because of race, gender, class and ethnicity.

    An active membership and steady growth are of utmost importance for NCTM to continue to be the “global leader and foremost authority” in mathematics education. NCTM must continue to examine what our members want and expect as benefits and what we can do to attract and retain new members. Recognizing that equality is not equity, we should consider a different membership structure for different types of members. To gather membership data, I would like to have series of focus groups for NCTM members and a separate focus group for nonmembers in order to gather information on possible member benefits.  

    Because mathematics education has become a political issue, advocacy has also increased in importance. I therefore would support and extend NCTM’s current advocacy efforts. NCTM has the knowledge, experience, and skills to support both national and state affiliates in developing the abilities to advocate effectively for issues that are critical to them. Affiliates interested in this initiative would meet both face-to-face and online to learn, plan, and collaboratively develop or identify resources. I anticipate that this would be a multiyear project with new affiliates joining and experienced affiliates taking leadership positions. In addition, affiliates could collaborate with NCTM to promote NCTM’s position statements, thus furthering the goals of NCTM.

    Finally, to the office of president, I bring experience and a commitment to mathematics education, teachers, and students. I lead because I want to make a difference. I recognize that an equitable and excellent mathematics education can empower students to make a difference in issues that matter to them.