Tutita M. Casa

  • Desiree Harrison

    Tutita M. Casa
    Candidate for Director

    Associate professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut, Storrs (2017–).

    BS (mathematics), University of Florida, Gainesville; MS (elementary education), Syracuse University (New York); Sixth-Year Diploma (educational administration) and PhD (elementary mathematics education), University of Connecticut, Storrs.

    Previous Experience:
    Assistant professor (2012–2017), assistant professor in residence (2005–2012), co-principal investigator, Project M2: Mentoring Young Mathematicians (2007–2012), and postdoctoral fellow, Project M3: Mentoring Mathematical Minds (2004–2005), University of Connecticut, Storrs; grade 3 classroom teacher, Rome City Schools (Georgia) (1997–1999); grade 5 classroom teacher, Mansfield Public Schools (Connecticut) (1996–1997).

    Professional Memberships:
    NCTM, American Educational Research Association, Associated Teachers of Mathematics in Connecticut, Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Connecticut (AMTEC).

    Leadership Experiences in Mathematics Education:
    Member, Annual Conference Program Committee, (2017–2019), NCTM; executive board member (2014–2020), chair, Nominations and Elections Committee, (2019), acting president (2018), cochair, Spring Conference Committee, (2018), member, Mathematics Teacher Leadership Reception Organizing Committee, (2018), member, Membership Committee, (2017–2018), AMTEC.

    Author and coauthor, Teaching Children Mathematics (NCTM 2017, 2016, 2015/2016, 2013, 2011/2012, 2006); chapter author, Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education 2014: Using Research to Improve Instruction (NCTM 2014); chapter coauthor, Understanding Geometry for a Changing World, 71st Yearbook (NCTM 2009); coauthor, Project M2 units (Kendall Hunt, 2017, 2010–2013).

    Curriculum Studies Award, National Association for Gifted Children (2017, 2005–2012); Teaching Children Mathematics Editorial Board’s Volume-Year-Favorite contribution (2012); Paper-of-the-Year Award, Gifted Child Quarterly (2009).

    NCTM has numerous means to support high-quality mathematics teaching and learning for all teachers and students. I propose an expansion of resources to include much needed ones on mathematical writing—a medium through which students reason and teachers can realize individual student’s depth of understanding.

    The Council should also boost efforts for preservice teachers to realize NCTM as the go-to math site. Adapting and developing resources to meet novices’ needs will help them fulfill NCTM’s mission throughout their careers while strengthening school- and university-based math educators’ collaborations.

    Not all who teach mathematics self-identify as mathematics teachers, a major challenge facing NCTM. NCTM can provide specialized support for early childhood and elementary teachers and those certified to teach English learners, students with special needs, or the gifted—all of whom long to meet the needs of their students.

    Championing high-quality mathematics teaching and learning for all students is a collective responsibility encompassing a diverse village of educators. With 15-plus years of experience in discourse, mathematical writing, and school-based collaborations, I would be honored to support these initiatives.