High School Mathematics Task Force

  • Charge

    The NCTM High School Mathematics Task Force is charged with developing a document that:

    1. Identifies, describes, and documents the range of problems and challenges that are faced in ensuring that grades 9-12 mathematics works effectively for each and every student.

    2. Develops a set of overarching, specific, and implementable recommendations for addressing these problems and challenges.

    3. Provides specific options for implementing the recommendations and that serve as a framework for discussion by teachers, curriculum and professional developers, and administrators.

    4. Builds on the following foundational documents: The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Principles to Actions, and Focus in High School Mathematics with reference to forward-looking documents that have implications for the high school curriculum, such as A Common Vision for Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Programs, What Does it Mean to be College and Work Ready, the Dana Center’s New Mathways Project, Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Mathematics Modeling, and Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education

    Task Force Members

    Karen J. Graham, Chair
    Professor Mathematics
    University of New Hampshire 

    Gail Burrill 
    Past President NCTM 
    Michigan State University

    Jennifer Curtis 
    Section Chief, K-12 Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction 
    North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

    Ed Dickey 
    Professor Mathematics Education
    University of South Carolina

    Kanita DuCloux
    Assistant Professor
    Western Kentucky University

    Chris Franklin
    University of Georgia
    American Statistical Association

    Damarrio Holloway
    Discovery High School, GA

    Paul Kelley 
    Anoka-Hennepin School District, MN 

    Yvonne Lai
    Assistant Professor
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Max Ray-Riek 

    John Staley 
    Baltimore County Public Schools, MD
    President NCSM

    Francis Su 
    Professor Mathematics
    Harvey Mudd 
    President MAA

    Daniel J. Teague
    North Carolina School of Science & Math

    Gwen Zimmermann 
    Adlai Stevenson High School, IL 

    David Barnes, Staff Liaison