Publishing Committee (PC)

  • Promotes the development and production of high-quality mathematics education publications, digital materials, and online published content. To oversee and guide the ongoing publishing activities of the Council to ensure that it fulfills its mission of supporting teachers in providing a high-quality mathematics education for all students.

    Committee Charge

    The Publishing Committee (PC) is charged to:

    1. Develop an overarching vision for the complete portfolio of materials published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and monitor implementation of that vision that takes advantage of new and emerging electronic publishing technologies.
    2. Support the coherence of the NCTM publishing portfolio by coordinating and facilitating communications between other publications committees.
    3. Develop and oversee a plan and processes for the development, production, and marketing of books and other educational materials that balances serving the needs of members and other stakeholders with generating revenue for the Council.
    4. Ensure that all NCTM books and educational materials are appropriately reviewed to meet and ensure a high standard of quality.
    5. Regularly review products in the NCTM Catalog to ensure the commercial and professional viability of titles in print.
    6. Periodically review policies and practices for marketing NCTM publications.
    7. Monitor current and future activities of the three NCTM teacher practitioner journals, the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME), and Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE), and suggest opportunities for integrated efforts.
    8. Advise the journal panels on how to address current issues of importance to their readers and all NCTM members.
    9. Develop means and facilitate opportunities for collaboration between all editorial panels of NCTM journals, publications, and joint publications.
    10. Address requests from journal panels that involve matters of common interest.
    11. Advise the NCTM Board, President, and staff on the editorial policies and processes, and business decision making related to NCTM publications and publishing.
    12. Advise the President when considering and making appointments on the resources and needs of journal panels and the Publishing Committee.

    Committee Members

    Tina Cardone, Chair (2019-2020) 
    Salem, MA

    Sarah Bush, Board Liaison
    Winter Park, FL

    Andrew Gael, Member
    New York, NY

    Carl Oliver, Member 
    Brooklyn, NY

    Spencer Jamieson, Member

    Ashburn, VA

    Kim Markworth, Member
    Bellingham, WA

    Esther Song, Member
    Chicago, IL

    Lisa Bejarano, Member
    Manitou Springs, CO

    Lateefah Id-Deen, Member 
    Atlanta, GA

    Patrice Waller, Member 
    Corona, CA 

    Eleanore Tapscott, Staff Liaison
    Reston, VA