In Memoriam: Jeremy Kilpatrick

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    Jeremy Kilpatrick

    Jeremy Kilpatrick

    It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Jeremy Kilpatrick, who was been a leader in national and international education as a teacher and researcher. Kilpatrick was a 2003 recipient of the NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Kilpatrick was recognized in the United States and abroad as a scholar who was deeply knowledgeable about the history of mathematics education and the traditions of research and scholarship. His edited translation of the works of V. A. Krutetskii brought the work of that influential Soviet psychologist to the attention of U.S. researchers.

    Kilpatrick also devoted scholarly attention to the study of mathematics assessments, including the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the Third International Mathematics and Science Study, and the Programme for International Student Assessment. He was also a member of the National Research Council's Board on International Comparative Studies in Education.

    Kilpatrick's service to NCTM spanned his career and reflected the diversity of his experience. He was on the Educational Materials Committee and contributed to the organization through his work on numerous research and standards projects. His leadership helped to ensure that Principles and Standards for School Mathematics was firmly grounded in research. Another of Kilpatrick's notable achievements was his work as editor of NCTM's Journal for Research in Mathematics Education from 1982 to 1988.

    He will be greatly missed by the NCTM and mathematics education communities.