Zandra de Araujo

  • Z de AraujoZandra de Araujo
    Candidate for Director, At-Large

    Position:  University of Missouri (MU) Associate Professor (2012–present)

    Education:  PhD (mathematics education), University of Georgia; MEd (mathematics education), University of Central Florida; BS (mathematics), University of Florida

    Previous Experience:  University of Georgia Graduate Assistant (2008–2012); Athens Technical College (Georgia) Adjunct Instructor (2011–2012); Orange County (Florida) Public Schools Mathematics Teacher (2003–2008)

    Memberships:  American Educational Research Association; Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE); Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM); NCSM; TODOS: Mathematics for All

    NCTM Activities:  Facilitator, NCTM Algebra Institutes (2012–2014), and Algebra for All (2016–2020); Mathematics Teacher Educator Editorial Panel (2019–present)

    Other Activities:  TODOS Director (2018–present), Chair of Advocacy Committee (2020–present); AMTE Associate Vice-President of Advocacy (2019–present)

    Publications:  Author: The Mo(ve)ment to Prioritize Antiracist Mathematics: Planning for This and Every School Year 2020 (TODOS position statement 2020); “Fostering Collaboration with the Flip,” Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (2020); Putting Essential Understanding of Expressions and Equations into Practice, Grades 6–8 (NCTM 2018); Guest Editor: Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics: Special Issues on Multilingual Learners (TODOS 2020)

    Honors:  AMTE Early Career Award (2020); MU Early Career Excellence Award (2019)

    Statement:  NCTM has the potential to harness the power of a collective of individuals working toward a common goal. We must advocate with and for teachers while also equipping them to advocate for the resources, support, and respect they deserve. This requires us to critically examine whose voices we listen to and elevate as an organization—no easy task given the decline of memberships in professional organizations. NCTM must not wait for people to come to it; NCTM must proactively reach out to the community. We must develop resources that teachers need (and want), in easily accessible formats, so that teachers gain value from being a member. Drawing on the wealth of resources developed over the last 100 years, NCTM could deliver daily or weekly problems or actionable teaching ideas in alignment with Catalyzing Change.

    As a first-generation college graduate and daughter of immigrants, I have encountered many challenges navigating spaces that were not designed by and for people like me. I am thankful for these experiences because they have fueled my desire to make things better for those who come after me. My background and experiences reflect my commitment to equitable mathematics instruction, and I will bring my knowledge and perspective to the Board to ensure NCTM elevates voices in and advocates for marginalized communities.